• Rapid technological development in the last century (in agriculture, industry and transportation, exploitation of natural resources, ecological damage to the environment and biodiversity, consumption habits and more), has led to an environmental crisis. The global environmental problems are common to all mankind and could unite citizens of the world to act together in preventing the environmental deterioration. One way to reduce the harm to the environment is to increase environmental knowledge of students by providing them information about the environment and ecological issues and problems, and encouraging them how to act in an environmentally friendly way.

    The current course is based on the concept of sustainability as developed in the United Nations in recent decades, highlighting the different issues reflected in the field. This definition states that sustainability creates a culture that allows an equitable existence that will ensure the well- being of mankind in the present and future generations. It rests on the humanistic point of view through which learners can approach a level of awareness and responsibility towards sustainability issues. Sustainability refers to the relationship between people and the environment when the environment is a broad concept including the natural world, culture and society. According to this concept, the learning is interdisciplinary by nature reflecting the natural sciences, literature, history, culture, languages, and more........ The course designers believe that academic institutions should also approach this course from this interdisciplinary perspective.

    Our hope is that providing students with this approach towards sustainability will contribute to students’ pro-environmental behavior. Moreover, student teachers who will be future teachers, have an important role in educating and shaping the future citizens of the world, providing them with that knowledge, to enhance their awareness, attitudes, values, skills and sustainable behavior.


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