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  • UNIT 2: POLLUTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION-- Topic 3: Soil Pollution and Degradation


    ·            The importance of the land and soil as one of the necessary resources for the existence of mankind; 

    ·            The trends of the land resources reduction and its causes; 

    ·            Types of the land degradation; 

    ·            Types of the land and soil erosion – caused by the water, wind, technical and technological of the soil depletion – mechanical, chemical; 

    ·            Negative results of the land and soil degradation through natural and anthropogenic impacts; 

    ·            Types of  soil contamination; 

    ·           Imbalance of the useful nutrients in the soil’

    ·            Activities for the protection of the land and soil resources; 

    ·            Alternative agriculture. 


     Students will realize the importance of the land resources and the role of civic activism in ensuring the sustainable development of the land and soil.  


    ·            The student learns and understands the results of degradation and the role of civic involvement in ensuring the sustainable   development of the land and soil; 

    ·            The student knows the importance, types, reduction trends, degradation, causes of depletion of the land and soil resources and ways of overcoming it. 

    ·            The students will be able to  access updated information about  land and soil resources and  analyze it. 

    ·            The students will know  about the modern approaches, technologies,and means of alternative agriculture and land resource use 

     ·            The students will be able to analyze the possibilities and need of effective use of  land resources for development of civic education and democracy; 

    ·            The students will realize their professional and personal role in the protection of  land resources, improving their civic awareness and democratic values in this regard; 


    Activity #1: The teacher will ask students to define soil and what they know about soil erosion and degradation. The teacher will present the following video  to the class:

    After watching the film the students will explain what new things they learned from the film. They  will then be divided into groups according to the different factors affecting land use and degradation Each group will discuss a specific  factor and will present it to the class. After the group presentations there will be a class discussion concerning how students personally affect land resources and their civic responsibilities in maintaining and preventing further degradation of land resources.

    Activity #2: Role play 

    Students will be divided into groups in which each group will represent various stakeholders such as: citizens, politicians, lawyers, mayors, municipality supervisor, etc. Each group will detail their role  with regard to various issues concerning land pollution and degradation (building a quarry in an open areas, developing residential areas in agricultural areas, constructing gas and oil pipelines in open areas).

    The end product will be a letter sent to the proper authorities regarding this specific matter. 




    3.  - Erosion Processes:
    4.  Lend degradation: physical, chemical; wind, water;
    6. Weathering: Definition, Types, Causes & Rates
    7. Effect of Erosion and Deposition on Landforms
    8. Soil Erosion: Effects & Prevention
    10.  Soil Protection:



UNIT 2: POLLUTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION -- Topic 2: Water pollutionUNIT 3: ECOLOGY AND BIODIVERSITY-- Topic 1: Biodiversity and Conservation