• Unit 1: Introduction to Sustainability and Sustainable Development

    Perceptions of Sustainability


    Historical  Relationship between Humans and the Environment


    Unit 2: Pollution and Environmental Degradation

    Air Pollution

    Water Pollution

    Land Resources and Soil Degradation 

    Unit 3: Ecology and Biodiversity


    Ecological Footprint

    Unit 4 : Economy

    Energy Sources

    Food Security and Sustainable Development of Agriculture


    Transportation and Communication

    Unit 5: Social and Political Dimension

    Local and Global Community

    Government: Local and Global Regulation

     Safe and Just Environment

    Unit 6:  Towards Sustainable Living for a Better Future

     Teaching about Sustainability

    Course Assessment and RequirementsUNIT 1: INTRODUCTION TO SUSTAINABILITY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT-- Topic : Perceptions of Sustainability