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    Dear CURE Institutional Leaders,

    In this unit I have been uploading for you to review the different  parts of the final report for your feedback.   I needed to open this up now since our evaluators may wish to view this page when the evaluation process begins so I have hidden these sections now.    If any of the CURE team wishes to review again a section, please send me an email and I will resend that section in an email.    Once the whole draft of the report is finished you will receive a copy in an email.



  • UNIT 2: EXTERNAL MONITORING: Uploading of Syllabi

    In this section we will be uploading ALL of CURE's SYLLABI.    For FULL COURSES:  Please present the topics in ENGLISH that make up this course.  FOR EXISTING COURSES IN WHICH UNITS of CURE's core courses were integrated into, please present ALL of the topics of the course in English and COLOR in READ the CURE topics.

    Each HEI has their own folder.   PLEASE TITLE YOUR SYLLABI in the follow way:  Initial of the course and your HEI:

    1.  Global Challenges in the 21st Center:   (GC21)              Example of the name for a syllabus from Gordon College syllabus should be titled:  GC21GACE    , from  Ilia state U title of file should be named  GC21ISU.

    2. Civic Education for Sustainability (CES)                             Example of the name for a syllabus from  Givat Washington CESGWA,   from  Kutaisi University name of file should be named  CESKU.

    3. Promoting Active Citizenship (PAC)                                     Example for of the name for a syllabus from David Yellin PACDYC               from Tbilisi State U name of file should be named (PACTSU)

     4. Civic Education in Israel (CEI)

    5.  Civic Education in Georgia (CEG).