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  • Civic Education and Democracy in Israel challenges and pathways

  • Unit 1: Trends in the development of democracy and civic society

     WEEK 1


    TOPIC  1: State  and society;  Natural rights,   the public contract; People's sovereignty; Principles of separation of powers.

    Rationale and Objectives

    This topic in a theoretical introduction to the origin and principles of the state,  and principles of organizing democratic governments.

    Learning Outcomes


    are able to describe different kinds of states and their organizational structure.

    - are  able to describe the characteristics of the various formats of the state and its social and political functions.

    - are able to discuss  the international and national documents in the field of principles of separation of powers.

    -are  able to list the  rights, obligations and responsibilities of people's sovereignty in democratic societies.

    Compulsory Literature

    1. Donald Peretz & Gideon Doron (2018), "How the government works"? The government and Politics In Israel Routledge, N.Y. E-Book pp.

    2.  Yoav Peled ( 2005) Development of civil society in Israel  Palestine Israel Journal

    Supporting Literature

    Week 2

    TOPIC  2: Political regimes and citizenship.

    Rationale  and Objectives:

    This topic presents the characteristics of different political regimes (democratic, authoritarian and totalitarian) and the human civil action in terms of characteristics and their functioning (governance, economy, litigation, culture) and scopes of authority and power (the balance of individual freedom and social order).

    Students reflect upon  different perspectives of human rights in the world and in Israel.

    Learning Outcomes

    - Students are able to explain the basic characteristics of political regimes and describe the scope of the civil capacity of the human / community (assumptions and restrictions)

    - Students are  able to list the rights, obligations and responsibilities of an Israeli Citizen.

    Compulsory Literature :

    1. Gavison, Ruth (1985). "The Controversy over Israel's Bill of Rights". Israel Yearbook of Human Rights. 15: 113–154.

    2. different political regimes: GOVERNMENTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST           :

    “Waiting for Godot”: Regime Change Without Democratization in the Middle East

    Introduction to the courseUnit 2. Human rights, their protection mechanism and the establishment of civil society