• Week  12

    Unit 5. The role of civil organizations in raising civic awareness in Georgia

    TOPIC  1: Structure, goals and activities of public organizations

    Rationale and Objectives:

    The focus is one of cultivating an acquaintance and deepening knowledge of a range of organizations and activities for the enhancement of a democratic culture (research centers, service oriented organizations, advocacy, youth organizations, volunteering, etc.).


    Establishing Capacity to Cooperate with CSOs.

    Learning Outcomes:   

    - Students will be able to determine the interaction between CSO activities and an organization's mission, and to evaluate the accountability and transparency of the tools used by the organization to develop and integrate its practices.

    Compulsory Literature

    1. EU Road Maps for Collaboration with Civil Society 2014 - 2017 Manual, Retrieved from http://eeas.europa.eu/delegations/georgia/documents/civil_society_library/eu_roadmap_georgia.pdf

    2. Tamar Mosiashvili, (2016) School and EU Road Map, Journal "Teacher" Retrieved from http://mastsavlebeli.ge/?p=10298 .

    3. AUGUR (2012) Challenges for Europe in the world in 2030, Retrieved from http://www.augurproject.eu/IMG/pdf/cso_note_provisional_draft5_june_2012.pdf

    Week 13

    TOPIC  2: Role Strengthening Instruments for Social Organizations: Teaching Through Public Activities

    Rationale and Objectives:

    The focus is to enable students to become acquainted with the four-step model of teaching for students by civic   activities.

    Students will plan their activities in educational institutions and consider the scale and significance of desirable social change.

    Learning Outcomes:   

    Students will be able to plan youth groups activities which will be organized by them, and or by educational institutions.

    Compulsory Literature

    1. Tamar Mosiashvili, (2016) teaching public work. Retrieved from http://mastsavlebeli.ge/?p=12113

Unit #4: Education and democratic citizenshipUnit 6#: The role of civic education in the 21st century environmental sustainable development challenges