Rationale and Objectives

A key priority for sustainable living should focus on developing long term political and social policies that will enable the global community (human and non-human) to live within planetary limits. From an ecological perspective the finite nature of the planet we inhabit contains boundaries, that if exceeded will cause systems to collapse with potentially major and unexpected consequences. It is accepted that human cannot flourish with adequate access to clean water, clean air, food shelter and other life support systems. Therefore, the challenge of the twentieth first century is to provide a safe and just place for humans to flourish within these wider and increasingly pressured ecological limits.

At the UN Paris summit in 2015 nations from around the world adopted and agreed to implement a set of goals. These are known as that Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs and apply from this date to 2030. These goals provide a framework for future policy and action which hold out the promise of a safe and just environment in which all people can have their basic needs met. Implementing these goals suggests the need for transformative thinking, leading to economic policies which acknowledge and safeguard natural resources and respect the rights of human beings.