Activity1 : The students will be divided into groups. Each group will be assigned a reading text from different periods of man's history describing the relationship between humans and the environment.  The different historical periods can be prehistoric, medieval, industrial revolution and modern day.Each group summarizes   the text that they read and presents the material to the class. The different texts will be compared from the vantage point of man and his environment i,e. analysis of resource use during different historical periods, advantages and disadvantages. They will be asked , where do we go from here? and what can we do about it?

Activity 2: Movie clips depicting different periods of time from man's natural history will be presented to the class. A class discussion will be held and questions will be asked regarding the different movie clips. The clips will be described from the vantage point of man and his environment. Based on what you have seen, where do we go from here? Students should realize that mankind has reached a critical point in his development and interaction with the environment and should ask themselves, where do we go from here?

Activity 3: After a frontal lecture the class will be divided into groups in which each group will present their vision of the world in 200 years. What can we do to ensure our future on this planet?

Activity 4: Present different items such as an ink pen, clock, watch, book, etc. Analyze the item from the past, present and future. How were they produced? What materials were needed to produce them? What resources were needed to produce them?  Show how the items have changed over history in relation to the resources used and implications of the article use in the future.