During the seminar working hours theoretical materials will be strengthened with group and pair works, discussions, debates, role-plays and case studies, discussing the video-materials, topics will be taken  from agricultural sector. 

Activity 1: The activity begins with a short frontal lecture about poverty and its reasons . One of the reasons deals with food availability and production. Each group will choose a certain food product (bread, meat products, vegetables, oil,fish etc) They will describe what they know about this specific product. How it is produced? How is the production of this product affecting the environment? What challenges are involved in the production of this product? How many kilo calories are there in a daily portion of this product? How important is this product for a person's nutritional daily needs? How available is this product for a family under poverty level? How can we suggest ideas for improving the production of this product in a more sustainable manner? 

Activity 2: Each group will pick a more developed country and developing country.They will access information concerning food production in those  specific countries  and  actual nutritional consumption of a household in that country(basic family basket), They will compare the data between the two countries and describe the implications of the inequality in worldwide food production and distribution, and will suggest possible solutions in lessening the gap between the countries.