Rationale and Objectives

Teaching about Sustainability Rationale and Objectives: Sustainability education is a dimension to learning rather than a traditional subject discipline. It is significantly different to other areas of the curriculum as there is no established body of knowledge to master making the boundaries difficult to define. We would suggest that adequate knowledge and understanding to enable students to make good enough decisions is sufficient to support the sustainably literate student. A distinguishing feature of sustainability education is a commitment to care for the well-being of the human and non-human world. Sustainability education raises questions about the things we value, the way we relate to others and the stories we tell ourselves which help make meaning in our lives. Teachers need to be aware that learning about sustainability problems has the potential to be overwhelming. Approaching environmental problems with a positive but grounded approach offers hope for both learners and educators. Thus, it provides an opportunity to develop interactive and participatory learning communities promoting the humanitarian values which underpin a sustainability mindset.