Activity 1.  Ask each student to write down what they think sustainability means in a sentence or short paragraph. Get them to compare their ideas in small groups to work out a group definition.  Share these around the class.  Now introduce the students to two key diagrams (figure 1 below).  Both these diagrams emphasise that sustainability has several dimensions - environment, social and economic.  

Definitions Figure 1

Activity 2.  Watch these videos to find out more about what sustainability might mean.


Activity 3.  Students should discuss the importance of teaching about sustainability. Do they think it is important in all subject areas?  Why should children - future citizens of the world - know about global and local environmental issues?  

Activity 4: Students will be divided into 17 groups. Each group will discuss one of the goals of sustainable development according to the United Nations – 2015, will give examples and will explain its relevance to everyday's life. Then each group will share their work in front of the classroom.

Activity 5: Students will suggest experiential and meaningful teaching methods for teaching about sustainability, and will plan activity for school's students.