Learning Outcomes

After completion of the lesson (or module), students will be able to:

-       To inspect and explain the concepts of super-diversity (Vertovec 2007) and multiple natio-ethno-cultural belongingness (Mecheril 2001) by means of specialized literature

-       To describe the principles of ‘migration pedagogy’

-       To integrate new insights in own views on minorities and migrant populations

-       To discuss the power/powerlessness of languages through selected press texts, literature and/or biographical narratives

-       To distinguish and appraise the relationship between languages and society by means of the linguistic landscape approach

-       To analyze via autobiographical narratives/case studies and/or learning diary attitudes and prejudices towards others

-       To explore and identify good practice projects supporting social participation

-       To plan, carry out and report on a community based learning project for supporting education in multicultural settings