Activity 1.

 Frontal teaching using ‘exploring-sustainability’ website to provide definitions of sustainability and how these have been developed. 

Students engage with the website and video links to explore further definitions of sustainability.

Compare definitions with each other and the wider group.

‘Interview’ 2-3 family members and friends – focus on older and younger members to contrast generational understandings of sustainability. 

‘Interview’ 2-3 Students from other universities in the CURE project to contrast cultural understandings of sustainability.

Reflect on the Living Report and respond to the following questions …

Explain the patterns on the graphs on p16. 

What do you think these graphs will look like in 10, 20, 50 and 500 years time?

Panel Discussion

Role Playing

Narrative/Video Analysis

Case Studies

Collaborative Learning

Jigsaw Group Work

Technology-Based Activities

Problem-Based Learning

Activity 2.

 Watch the movie

to find out about a range of global problems