Learning Outcomes

Students will have a better understanding of the air pollution sources,  about the possible pollutants and about air pollution consequences. They will be able to understand the relationships between local and global air pollution, and climate changes. They will know how they can reduce their impact on air pollution in their daily life.

The knowledge they will acquire may be a stage that might affect their daily pro-environmental behaviour, which will reduce their contribution to air pollution.

  • The main sources of air pollution: natural and man-made.
  • The air pollutants: gases, particulate matter (PM) and secondary air pollutants
  • Regional air pollution issues: acid rain, smog
  • Global air pollution issues: the ozone hole, the greenhouse effect / global warming
  • Air pollution effects on health
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • How to reduce their contribution to the air pollution
  • International conventions  and agreements to reduce air pollution
  • Indoor pollutants