Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding: 

·            Learns and understands the results of degradation and the role of civic involvement in ensuring the sustainable development of the land and soil; 

·            Knows the importance, types, reduction trends, degradation, causes of depletion of the land and soil resources and ways of overcoming it. 

Learning skill: 

·            Can search the new information about the land and soil resources; can analyze the searched information and assess it;  

·            Systematically learns about the modern approaches, technologies, means and modern approaches of alternative agriculture of how to use the land resources; 


Using knowledge in practice: 

·            Analyzes the possibilities and need of effective use of the land resources for development of civic education and democracy; 

·            Assesses their effectiveness in relation with the best practices of other countries; 

Communication skills: 

Can effectively present the appropriate materials and information envisaging the target audience; 


·            Realizes his/her professional and personal role in the protection of the land resources, improving the civic awareness and democratic values in this regard; 

Can ensure the raise of civic awareness and democratic values in the scope of his/her competencies.