Rationale and Objectives

The aim of this unit is to consider the importance of biodiversity and to discuss the role of humans in protecting the non-human world.

The main focus shall be on considering what is meant by biodiversity and the impact that this has had and may have on the planet. The role of humans as ‘responsible stewards’ will be considered from ecological, humanistic and spiritual contexts.

This unit aims to problematize what the role of humans might be, indeed, if they should have one at all, in ‘protecting’ the planet. There is also a consideration of where the values and attitudes towards biodiversity and its conservation emerge from and how these can be engaged with to encourage sustainable behaviours.


1. Understanding the relationships between humans and environment from a spiritual, cultural and social perspective

2. Understanding global and local challenges of the environment and their inter-relationship

3. Understanding basic concepts of ecology and environmental issues

4. Enhancing the awareness and the implications of human activity on the environment