Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to appreciate the need for successful small scale and global businesses to support human activities and flourishing and to be able to critique their impact on the planet and others. Students should be aware of the potential positive role that cooperatives can play in wealth distribution. Students should understand the wide-ranging impacts of their consumer habits on local and global people, places and resources. It is also expect that students will begin to consider the role of money and wealth creation on what it means to be human and happy.


1.       To acquire and  apply knowledge relating to sustainability in the community

2.       To analyze and suggest solutions to problems regarding sustainability

3.       To enable students to integrate traditional and innovative knowledge in developing attitudes towards sustainability from different perspectives (political, social, ecological, cultural, economic, legal, etc.).

4.       To develop a sense of responsibility towards sustainability on a global level

7.    Applying the interactivactive relationships between local and global sustainability issues.