Rationale and Objectives

The aim of this unit is to focus on the human desire to travel both short and long distances and to set up means of communication that connect people and products nationally and globally.

Central to this module is the need to explore the technologies that are used for movement of people or products such as cars, trains, planes, boats and the role played by mobile and internet technology.

The ‘wicked questions’ asked in this module include: how mobile and internet technologies seduce individuals into wanting things (or places) previously unimagined, how mobile and internet technologies facilitate travel and communication, are biofuels/electric vehicles environmentally beneficial and would it be possible to be happy without holidays and cheap products from abroad and storing vast amounts of data in ‘clouds’.


2. Understanding global and local challenges of the environment and their inter-relationship

4. Enhancing the awareness and the implications of human activity on the environment

5. To instill knowledge in which students develop civic values concerning environmental involvement and activity

6. To identify and develop critical thinking regarding future sustainability issues from different perspectives (political, social, ecological, cultural, economic, legal, etc.).