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UPDATES and changes in mobility date to Israel

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UPDATES and changes in mobility date to Israel
by Rhonda Sofer - Friday, 21 September 2018, 9:50 AM

Dear CURE’s consortium,

1. After a previous email asking for feedback on modifying the date of our consortium meeting in Israel to coincide with a major international conference on The Story of Innovation in Teacher Education   We were at a consensus that this would be a very good for our project and ease the process of us organizing a major international event.

2.   The dates of this conference is from June 24-26, 2019.  Our consortium meeting would be on the 27th and 28th.   This is a change from our previous date.  I will be requesting from our project officer and additional mobility day for those coming from overseas (to 7 days).  This will help also in perhaps covering the cost of $300 for the 3 day conference (which includes refreshments and lunch).  The conference is in Tel Aviv and there are recommendations on the site for accommodations in the Tel Aviv area. 

3. IT IS IMPORTANT that we submit as many papers as we can that mention the name of our project (CURE) and that it is a ERASMUS+ program.  I would suggest that we work on several levels of presentations talking about the innovation that this program contributes to Teacher Education by focusing not only on Courses, but also on Active Involvement in the community and active citizenship. More over our special addition of “workshops for in-service teachers” and having them form “mini-community” projects in the elementary and high school classes really is another interesting dimension.  

4. I would like to form a committee of 3 people (one from Israel, one from Georgia and one from EU)   who will “collect” drafts of abstracts for papers to this conference so we can make sure that they do not overlap are diverse and on the quality that we want to have since these presentations represent CURE.  Please contact me individually if you are willing to take on this role.  THANK YOU.

5. I need to ask ANYONE from the ISRAELI team that has GOOD CONNECTIONS WITH MOFET (MANAL??) to contact them personally and even ask if we can have a whole session relating to our program.  Manal—please call me so we can chat about this.

6.  I sadly want to inform our whole consortium of a change in the David Yellin team as Tamar Meirovitz is no longer working for this institution.  I want to take this time to acknowledge Tamar’s hard work and dedication to our CURE project.  I have a great respect for her professional work and over this time of collaboration feel that we have formed a close personal tie also.   I want to thank Tamar for her contribution to our CURE program.  She will be missed by all of us.     Doron, Yahija and Carmel Paz will remain on this team and will try to fill in these tasks that Tamar has done.   After a meeting with David Yellin’s interim President (they are undergoing transition also in this area), we decided that it would be best to change the venue of our last meeting from David Yellin in Jerusalem to Gordon College in Haifa.  Since we will first be in Tel Aviv participating in the conference, the days in Haifa will be on June 27th and 28th.  

6. For Haifa accommodations:  If ANY of your team wishes to stay at the Stella Maris Guest rooms (opposite Gordon college), please let me know as I need to check whether rooms are available and make the reservations for you.  THANK you.  Please let me know as soon as you do know but not later than the end of November since summer time is prime time for pilgrims.

7. Good news, we officially have an external evaluator for our program: Dr. Mee Foong Lee.  Some of us know her from the DARE ERASMUS+ project.  Ms. Foong Lee is the past executive secretary and educational specialist for the European Access Network, NGO in London, England is highly experienced in EU projects and in the process of program evaluation.  She will be making one trip to Georgia and to Israel to facilitate the work that she has been asked to do by our project officer.   

  1. 4th FINANCIAL REPORT of CURE’s project covering the period from April 2018-September 2018 IS DUE ON OCTOBER 31st 2018.  This includes the mobility to Batumi and the SMS trips to Canterbury and Tallin.  Please prepare all supporting documents and upload them to the portal. 


  1. I will be UPLOADING a DRAFT of our KIT for the course Promoting Active Citizenship which Evanne is leading.  This “kit” fulfills our obligations that we wrote in our application to have “kits” that parallel our courses.   This Kit is now in the process of being translated into Georgian AND articles are being added so that the Georgian team will have their “READER” which facilitates the teaching of this course in Georgia as well as its formal accreditation by the different academic committees in Georgia.   It is important that we all understand the process that we have to get done.


  1. Our “Kit” for the course Civic Education for Sustainability is almost complete (the reader in Georgian language proceeded this kit so we are fine here) and hopefully by the end of the month we will have this also uploaded to the portal.  

 11.  The online course on Global Challenges in Promoting Democracy and Civic Education in the 21st Century”  has 2 sections—one “open to the public” with enough units available to teach the whole course or to integrate into existing courses.  The Second part of this course is called Digital Citizenship in A Global Connected World which Prof. Sirje Virkus contributed.  To access this course, you need to sign into the CURE portal.  There are issues of “copyright” and this was the condition that we have for using these sections for CURE.  I strongly recommend EVERYONE looking at Sirje’s course—as it shows how an online course can be interactive and experiential. 


  1. A REMINDER TO ALL—PLEASE UPLOAD THE RESULTS OF THE QUESTIONNAIRES TO OUR PORTAL:  Course and program evaluation questionnaires get uploaded in the working package section of our portal---Working package # 3 Quality Plan as a special unit created for our questionnaire results.  Thank you.

 13.  ALSO REMINDER for the external evaluation of our project—PLEASE ORGANIZE YOUR SYLLABI and upload them to the REPORT section of our project.  There are instructions there.


Wishing you all a great weekend---and for those of us who are about to celebrate the Jewish Holiday of Succot (Tabernacles)—a great 8 day holiday (which begins Sunday night).