AGENDA for CURE's Second Consortium Meeting: March 20-23, 2017

CURE's second consortium meeting (March 20-23 2017) is hosted by Gordon Academic College of Education on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and at Sakhnin Academic College on Tuesday.

The objectives of this meeting are:

1.  Launching the Portal

2. Continued development on CURE's universal courses.

3.  Continued development of Student Activities

4.  Completing Quality Plan for all stages of the Project

5.  Presenting Final Dissemination Plan.

6.  Completing Special Mobility Contract and logistics for the first phase of mobilities.

7.  Project Management (Narrative as well as Financial)...Setting up good practices from the first stages of our program.

8.  Guidelines and work plan for Centers for Social and Civic Involvement.

9.  Setting up guidelines and work plan for Steering Committee.

10. Working out the mobility logistics for upcoming consortium meetings as well as for EU monitoring of partners' programs.

Click CURE MEETING PROGRAM AGENDA.pdf link to view the file.