The purpose of this handbook is to describe in the Georgian Language CURE’s faculty training program that occurred through the Special Mobility Strand programme (SMS) which supplemented CURE’s major program and was accepted for this project.   This handbook is divided into seven chapters.  The first chapter provides a brief introduction of  CURE’s objectives, multidimensional programmes and the partner institutions of the project.  In the following chapters, each of CURE’s European partners presents an explanation and description of the training that they provided to our partners.   Following each description,  CURE’s Israeli and Georgian partners who benefitted from this training provide  concrete examples and personal testimonies on how that specific training is being used by them and has impacted their institution.    The last chapter of the handbook summarizes lessons learned from this training experience and the whole process of and how this model, which is based on the sharing of knowledge and the culture of collaboration,  may be applied to other programs.

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